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“I was made aware of Joti as a presenter whose considerable experience aligned when our company was on the lookout for new and exciting talent. Joti has since been a regular recommendation to many of our clients. Her passion for stage/screen combined with her unique range of skills and meaningful qualifications often put her at the very top of our recommendations.”

Kenneth Donaldson, Owner, TCA

I saw Joti in Romeo & Juliet and enjoyed her truthful and captivating performance so much that I hoped she would play the lead in my new project. Her unique ability to reflect varying cultures, her maturity and generosity as an actress and insightful approach are huge assets to any working environment.”

Ros Hutt, Theater Director
“Joti is a class act!  Joti was phenomenal in how she managed and directed the evening. She has great stage presence, is professional and clear. Joti is a delightful personality and shows great empathy with her audience. She’s one to watch for in the future. I predict this is just the beginning of a very long career for Joti.”

Guest, Enterpreneur

Asian Achievers Awards 

Leon Campbell,

BBC Producer

“Joti is brilliant…a complete professional with a very engaging personality too – the all-important bit!”

Clive Arnold,

TV Director

“Why have I not worked with you before? I will definitely be keeping you in mind when I move on to my next project. You were great!”

Vince Woods, Director
Tall Tree Productions

Joti’s knowledge of TV/film production and versatility make her a solid performer all round. I have witnessed her ability to pull together varied elements to great effect.” 

“Joti has proven herself to be a driven and fantastic actress also starring in a series I produced."
Heather Basten, Casting Director (UK)
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